About Us

We started StandUnited to help level the playing field.
Everywhere we look, we see the inherent bias of the mainstream media and its network of organizations pushing big government at the expense of individual liberties.  We fear that our voice is not being heard. 
StandUnited gives supporters of free enterprise and limited government a platform to take a stand and make an impact.
Why start or sign a petition on StandUnited?  Simple - online petitions work.  Technology has transformed the petition process, so it's now possible to gather support quickly and broadly. 
When support for a cause comes in large numbers, decision makers take notice.  When citizens, voters, taxpayers, and small businesses speak with one voice, they get results. 
StandUnited is the first open petition platform that allows individuals and organizations to engage and mobilize supporters on issues such as free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. 
With cutting edge grassroots technology and a large audience of like-minded activists, StandUnited gives you the power to make an impact on issues that you care about.
As an open platform, anyone can start a free petition on StandUnited.  It takes just a few minutes.  Then use our built-in tools to share your petition and gather supporters.
See for yourself.  Turn your cause into a movement today.  Take a Stand.  Make an Impact.