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Kimberly Spence
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Title: Spencer’s Mom (newly rebranded) the approachable- 350+ Million Views- Public Persona that WORKS!

Summary… U.S. Supreme Court Windsor-Spence Case Nos 15-6566 (NC) and 15-6567 (GA) involve Enumerations of Error and / or Questions pertaining to 16 NEW intervening questions involving ensuring access to inalienable Constitutional Rights without changing the Constitution, the Best Interest of a Child(ren), Judicial Reform, Public Servant Accountability, Mass Incarceration, life, liberty, freedom, justice and equality for all citizens of the United States of America, especially We the People.  You may find quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions here… Also, please remember to help fund the mounted cost of the U.S. Supreme Court Cases and What's Best 4 Spencer cause expenses by clicking here…