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Wayne Coons
United States, Sewell
My Story: I was on Workers compensation for 27 years. I hated it: I tried to go  back to  work , worked for 9 Month, and Hurt My neck. Then I reapplied for my workers comp again,and they refused to give it back to me. The  First attorney I had was Incompetent, did Not even get medical Record. I fired him  and was My own attorney  up until I nailed there ass to the Wall.  thats when the said I cant  be my own attorney any more. Then  Mr Alvin Gross 84 yrs old. took My  case because he  believed in me and knew I was right. We had medical records  transcrips, every thing to  win the  case. The original Judge retired. Now the Second Judge, Judge  Cox states to My attorney off the record, I refuse to go On record too Review  this case , as I do Not want to Harm any other Judges or attorney reputation . I have been trying to force them too review this case, My civil rights, and legal Rights are being Violated. If I  do Not get  My workers comp back, I may as just lay down and  die , I will not be able to survive  with what S.S.I. Gives me. This is so wrong, suffering from 2 types of depression, and P.T.S.D., They  abused me mentally, and legally !My Mother is  84, when she passes, i will be homeless, with  an artificial left leg 10 back operation, and a bad neck! time is running out for  me, I need your help  too change things,United WE stand  Divided We Fall. Donate what u can  here : Morningstar4u.com Please Support change !!