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Trisha Beltz
United States, Escondido
I've been having an especially hard time since I had the seizure that fractured my skull, made me get 7 stitches in my eyebrow, and I still have photopsia (vision problems) in my left eye. I show this picture, as well as dr records, to dr's and tell them how many people have been taking turns taking care of me, and they still won't help me. I give them a list of reasons why I need it that fill a whole doc pg, and they set it aside w/o reading it, and tell me 'no'. I live 1.5 mi away from the closest bus stop, and disability assitance for the local bus system says that's too far out of the way for me to be applicable. I don't have enough money to move due to SSDI making me live in poverty even though I paid my taxes all these years, and my family is across the country. 
Please watch this to learn more about what I am going through as an epileptic: