Promote your petition

You’ve created your petition – now what? Share it, of course! StandUnited makes it easy. We give you a sample email that you can send to your family, friends, and colleagues. And sharing your petition on social networks is just a click away.

Our Petition Toolkit (see the Manage tab on your petition page) walks you through the different ways to share your petition. For the greatest impact – and the best way to achieve success – share your petition frequently. Send a tweet or post on Facebook when there is an update to your petition: progress toward your signature goal, media coverage, or a response from the petition target.

Think about more ways to reach potential supporters. Can you tell your story in a short video? Upload it to YouTube and add it to your StandUnited petition page. Do you have a blog, or know someone who does? Write a blog post. Are there civic organizations or advocacy groups that would support your petition? Ask them to spread the word.

Having the news media tell your story is the most effective way to get supporters and influence the decision maker. Contact your local newspaper or TV news station and tell them about your petition. You can even hold your own press conference to talk about your petition and invite the news media. Keep them updated as support for your petition grows.