NCAA: Protect Women’s Sports and Female Athletes

For a culture that does so much to protect women’s rights, it’s surprising how many have no problem allowing for men to rob women of their prosperity and progress by transitioning to women to steal opportunities from female athletes. 

Even more paramount than the matter of fairness on this issue is the matter of safety. Many familiar with MMA, might recognize the name Fallon Fox, a trans female athlete. Fox fought Tamikka Brents in 2014, fracturing her skull within the first two and a half minutes of the first round of the fight. 

Biological men—transitioned or not—have an enormous physical advantage over biological women, making competing against women unfair and dangerous. It’s time to call on the NCAA to ban trans female athletes from competing in female sports. We have fought too long and too hard to offer our outstanding female athletes with opportunities to compete and make our colleges and universities 

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Last January you voted in support of a sport-by-sport approach to transgender athletes’ participation “that preserves opportunity for transgender student-athletes while balancing fairness, inclusion and safety for all who compete.” 

Unfortunately, that decision does not do nearly enough to protect biological female athletes. Nothing short of a ban on transitioned biological male athletes from competing in female sports categories would do enough to protect both the integrity of collegiate women’s sports programs and the safety of female athletes. 

Please take decisive, fair action and stay true to the purpose of your organization: to uphold “the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes”—including female athletes.