How to make your petition successful

Successful petitions have several things in common. Start with a specific, achievable action. What is your goal? To Enact or repeal a law? To support or oppose a policy? To get a government or business entity to take a specific action? Make sure your issue can be action upon by a responsible party.

Next, find out who is in the position to act on your petition. Who is the decision maker? A legislator, a CEO, the President? Research your issue and find out who can act on it. Be specific – find the names of the legislators, policy makers, or executives. Then, deliver your petition directly to the decision maker.

Successful petitions are actively promoted. Using StandUnited’s online tools, you can share your petition through email and social networks. This is the most effective way to get signatures. Also, tell your petition’s target that you started a petition and explain why. And contact the news media about your petition – getting a story published will boost your chances of success.

Petition promotion requires ongoing effort. Don’t get discouraged if your petition does not instantly take off. Very few do. Keep sharing it through email and on networks like Facebook and Twitter. Contact civic groups and advocacy organizations. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper. Small successes breed larger ones!