How online petitions work

What if you wanted to take action on an issue that’s important to you? It might be a local issue, such as a problem at your children’s school. Or a state or federal issue. Or a consumer issue. You want a positive result, but you are only one person. How can you get the attention of the decision makers and get results?

Petitions are a time-tested way to influence the outcome of an issue or promote a cause. One signature is unlikely to achieve the desired result. But thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of signatures will have an impact. With a louder voice, you are more likely to be heard.

So, how do you start a petition and find supporters to sign it? StandUnited gives you all the tools you need to create your petition and gather the support you need to get results.

With StandUnited, you can put your issue in front of millions of people and find your supports. Through collective action, your voice is amplified and the target of your petition – the decision maker – will hear you loud and clear.

Because it’s online, your StandUnited petition can be seen (and signed) by everyone. Our built-in social tools let you share your petition across your network and beyond. And StandUnited makes it easy to deliver your petition signatures.