Petition Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an image?

You are welcome to use any image that is not someone else’s intellectual property. If you took the photo, it is yours to use as you please. Other great resources for images include Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons.

My image won’t upload.

If your image is over 100kb, it will not upload to our platform. First, select a new image that is under 100kb in size. Next, click “Save” on the petition in its current form. Then, refresh the page. You can now upload the new, smaller image. Ideal dimensions are 645 px x 370 px, though any horizontal rectangle works well.

How do I publish my petition?

Your petition is not published until you click the “Publish” button. Clicking “Save” does not publish your petition. Should I write my name in the petition letter? No. The petition should be a letter that anyone can sign. You’ll sign it automatically as soon as you click “Publish.” If you have a personal connection to the petition topic, you’re welcome to share that in the section labeled “Why is this issue important?”

What’s the right end date?

Pick any date you’d like, ideally at least 6 months from today’s date. You can always log back in to your account and extend the deadline. Do I need to write my own email to petition signers? No; in fact, most of our petitioners leave this section blank. Your signers will get a message from StandUnited thanking them for signing your petition.

How do I sign my own petition?

As soon as you click “Publish,” your signature will show up automatically. Why doesn’t my petition appear on your site? StandUnited relies on petitioners to collect 5 signatures before your petition will appear on the “Recent” section. To get started, send the petition link to your friends and family via email, and post the petition on your social media accounts.

Signatures have tapered off. How do I collect more?

Social media is a great way to attract more signatures. For local petitions, neighborhood listservs and groups can also be very useful. If you are part of local Facebook groups, you’ll likely find support there. How do I get my petition featured in your weekly email newsletter? StandUnited proudly features outstanding petitions in our weekly newsletter. The more well-written your petition is, the better your chances of being selected! We also like to showcase petitions on unique issues and petitions with strong grassroots support.

My question isn’t listed here.

We’d love to help you out! Contact Angela at [email protected].

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