Deliver your petition

When your petition has reached its signature goal (it’s ok if it hasn’t), you are ready to deliver your petition to the target. This means getting the petition and signatures to the person or people you are petitioning.

Delivering your petition is a crucial step in the process. By this point, hopefully your target is aware of the petition. But if not, delivering it will make sure the target knows about it. Delivery will also pressure the target to respond to the petition. You should specifically ask for a response when you deliver it. If you do not get a timely response, follow up with the target.

How should you deliver the petition? If possible, deliver it in person. If your petition has received media coverage, you should notify, and even invite, the media. Delivery in person will allow you to speak directly to the decision maker and will have a greater impact.

If in person delivery is not possible, you can email or mail your petition. Again, be sure to request a response to your petition.

StandUnited makes it easy to export your signatures to a spreadsheet file. You can then email your petition or print it for mailing.  From the Manage Petition tab, click the Download Signatures button in the right column.